Shirtless waiters perth

Most people know these days about topless waiters or shirtless waiters if you like. They are guys who are in great shape who get paid to take the their shirt off at hens parties. You can commonly see them at male revue functions serving drinks. Sometimes they will have a little bow tie with some cuff’s on their wrists. Sometimes you will see them in just briefs strutting around someones home. its basically up to you and what you request for the night. Their are some companies that do an apron with nothing on underneath. This is always about of a laugh. A little bit cheeky you could say.

Shirtless waiters perthGirls search online, typing things like Topless waiters in Perth or Topless waiters Sydney and then take the time to choose the hottie that they want. The guys do a range of things. From serving food to playing hens games to what ever the girls want really. The topless waiters  will come to you be it a hotel or your house in suburbs. Even if you have hired out a function room at a club or pub the guys will go their too. Some times you may have to check with the owner if its ok to have half naked men at their pub. Generally speaking its fine tho.

Some Topless waiters are actually Male strippers too. So if you have a little chat to them you can always convince them to a show for you. Most the guys will always have the stripping equipment on hand. Like their fireman outfit or their cop out fit. Its always worth asking when you order your topless waiter if they strip as well. Most topless waiters that strip want take on many jobs after 7 as they get booked most often for strips after 7:00.

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Shirtless waiters Perth

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