Hen Night Perth

Planning a Hens night? Not Sure where to start?

Your main questions you need to answer are:

Where you would like to throw the hens?

– At a Venue

– A House

– The City or the suburbs?

What theme or type of party should you throw?


Hens Party Theme – Angels, Bunnies, Nurses, police Women ect.

These are great ways to make it a bit of fun and get everyone involved. You can also get your Topless waiters to dress up in the theme you choose.

Whether you Hire Male Strippers or/and Topless Waiters is another thing to think about.

Topless waiters are great because they are their for a few ours and are great at making a fun environment. They don’t do Shows like Male strippers but they make up for it with their charming personalities. And of course Male strippers are always a good laugh and should always be considered on hens nights.

Then How many people to invite?

I think any where from 10 to 30 is a good amount of girls for a hens night.

Then their are Hens games. These are always worth looking into as they are great fun and gets everyone mingling.


I hope this helped with some insight into hens nights.

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